Kudryashev - Group Members

Kudryashev - Group Members

Independent Research Group (Sofja Kovaleskaja)

Nikita Balyschew, Doctoral Candidate

Shih-Ying (Scott) Chang, Doctoral Candidate

Luise Eckhardt-Strelau, Technical Assistant

Vasilii Mikirtumov, Master Student

Dr. Irina Prokhorova, Postdoctoral Fellow

Ricardo Miguel Sanchez Loayza, Doctoral Candidate



Dr. Daniel Wood (Postdoctoral fellow from June 2020 until April 2021) moved to Sygnature Discovery

Wenbo Chen (PhD student from Sept 2016 until Aug 2020) moved to the Goethe University Frankfurt, Ivan Dikic's Group

Guiqun Wang (Postgraduate researcher, Aug 2019 until July 2020) moved to the University of Frankfurt, Stefan Knapp's Group

Dr. Kendra Leigh (Postdoc from Apr 2018 until July 2020) moved to the MRC-LMB, Cambridge (UK), Yorgo Modis's Group

Yingyi Zhang (PhD Student from Feb 2016 until June 2020) moved to the Chinese University of Hong Kong as an EM facility manager

Dr. Patricia Dijkman (Postdoc from Feb 2016 until Jan 2020) moved to Max Planck for Biochemistry / University of Goettingen, Fernandez-Busnadiego Group

Dr. Ashish Gadicherla (Postdoc from Apr 2018 until May 2019) moved to the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment as a Senior Scientist

Dr. Eva Cunha (Postdoc from Apr 2016 until Apr 2018) moved to the University of Oslo, Luecke Group with the Marie Curie Fellowship

Wolfram Heinrich Seifert Dávila (Master Student, Nov 2019 until Aug 2019) moved to EMBL Heidelberg for PhD, Christoph Müller's group

Robert Gebauer (Master Student, May 2017 until Aug 2018) moved to the Max Planck for Brain Research, Frankfurt

Ariane Sahebzade (Master Student, Nov 2016 until March 2018) started PhD at the Goethe University of Frankfurt, Oellerich Group

Simon Wiessing (Master Student, May 2016 until Sept 2017) started a service engineer job in companies incl. Perkin Elmer and Leica

Daniel Schroeder (Project student Sept 2016 until March 2017) moved to EMBL Heidelberg for a master project

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