Operating Engineering & Facility Management

Head of Operating Engineering & Facility Management [more]

Technical Supplies and Operation, Facility Management, Acess Control, Catering, Mail Handling and Car Pool

Operating Engineering and Facility Management at the MPI of Biophysics is responsible for maintenance and care of all building equipment. It supports the research labs with close-to-24/7-service of electrical and cooling and air conditioning supplies, water and waste water management as well as central gas supplies (pressured air, nitrogen, hydrogen and others). The team is also devoted to supply a proper work environment by taking over responsibility for areas ranging from general care taker services to the inspection of all electrical equipment.

In addition, the team lead by Sascha Krieger takes care of all building-related issues, small repairs, catering, the guest house and the outdoor areas. It organizes the security and access management, manages the car pool, handles mail and is responsible for general safety in the institute.

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