Forschungsprofil Dr. Misha Kudryashev

Dr. Misha Kudryashev
  • Since Nov 2015 Group Leader at MPI for Biophysics and BMLS, Goethe University of Frankfurt.
    Sofja Kovalevskaja Award – funded group (from the Humboldt Foundation)
    Associated member of SFB807 (  and Cluster of Excellence on Macromolecular Complexes (
  • 2009-2015 Postdoc with Henning Stahlberg and Marek Basler at Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland
  • 2005-2009 PhD with Freddy Frischknecht at University of Heidelberg, Germany
  • 2000-2005 Diploma in Physics from Krasnoyarsk State University, Russia

Native structure and gating of ion channels

Recent developments in cryo electron microscopy allow approaching problems that have been difficult or impossible to solve with the other structural biology methods. In particular, it is now possible to understand the structure of non-crystalline ion channels in atomic detail at a near-atomic resolution of 3-4 Angstrom (
This allows for a mechanistic understanding of gating and opens eventual opportunities for rational drug design. Our lab targets complex ion channels in the human brain implicated in numerous neurodegenerative diseases such as depression and schizophrenia. We use single particle cryo-EM to gain insights into gating and regulation of these important molecules. High-resolution single particle cryo electron microscopy, also known as “cool microscope technology which revolutionised biochemistry” was recognised by a Noble Prize in Chemistry to Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson in 2017 (

Even more exciting, it is now possible to study the structure of membrane proteins at high resolution directly within membranes, which is critical for maintaining native conformations and functionality. For this we use subtomogram averaging from cryo electron tomograms (, the image is adapted from this article), this allows to observe ion channels at a resolution of secondary structure and may be combined with induction of the defined functional states. This “in situ” structural biology approach still requires developments in hardware and software. In our group we develop algorithms for subtomogram averaging at higher resolution using the entire range of modern tools. The developments are based on our Matlab-based package Dynamo (, and are actively shared with the EM community.

For informal job inquires at bachelor-master-predoc-postdoc levels and other questions please write me to misha.kudryashev(at)

(* equal contribution, # corresponding author)

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Kudryashev M#. (2018) Resolution in Electron Tomography. In: Hanssen E. (eds) Cellular Imaging. Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering. Springer, Cham

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May 2018; Misha, Nikita, Scott, Eva, Ricardo, Yingyi, Patricia, Ashish, Wembo, Luise and Kendra


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  • Dr. Ashish Gadicherla - postdoc since Apr. 2018 till May 2019, moved to the German Federal Institute for Risk Assesment as a Scientist
  • Robert Gebauer
    Master Student from May 2017 to Aug 2018,
    moved to the Max Planck for Brain Research
  • Dr. Eva Cunha
    postdoc from Apr. 2016 to Apr. 2018, moved to the University of Oslo
  • Ariane Sahebzade
    Master Student Nov 2016 -March 2018, moved to a PhD position at Goethe University Frankfurt
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