Publikationen 2019 - Theoretische Biophysik

Bahrami, A., and Bahrami, A. H.: Vesicle constriction by rings of Janus nanoparticles and aggregates of curved proteins. Nanotechnology. (2019).

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Chang, Y.-N., Jaumann, E. A., Reichel, K., Hartmann, J., Oliver, D., Hummer, G., Joseph, B., and Geertsma, E. R.: Structural basis for functional interactions in dimers of SLC26 transporters. Nature Communications, 10(1), 2032. (2019).

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Okazaki, K.-i., Wöhlert, D., Warnau, J., Jung, H., Yildiz, Ö., Kühlbrandt, W., & Hummer, G.: Mechanism of the electroneutral sodium/proton antiporter PaNhaP from transition-path shooting. Nature Communications, 10: 1742. (2019).

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von Domaros, M., Bratko, D., Kirchner, B., Hummer, G., and Luzar, A.: Multifaceted Water Dynamics in Spherical Nanocages. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 123(10), 5989-5998. (2019).


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