Electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography

Facilities for electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography

Plan of the EM facility at the MPI of Biophysics, Frankfurt.

Our cryo-EM facility, brilliantly managed by Deryck Mills, is exceptionally well equipped. It includes a 300 kV FEI Polara electron microscope with a back-thinned FEI Falcon detector and a post-column Quantum energy filter. In early 2013 a new 300 kV helium-cooled JEOL 3200 FSC electron microscope with in-column energy filter and a Gatan K2 summit direct electron detector has been installed. With the group of Achilleas Frangakis at Frankfurt University we share the use of an FEI Krios 300 kV electron microscope, equipped with a Gatan K2 summit direct electron detector on a Quantum post-column energy filter. In addition we have a prototype Zeiss Libra 200 kV electron microscope with a Cs corrector and a specially designed transfer lens dedicated to in-focus phase plate microscopy of cryo specimens. Three smaller transmission electron microscopes (FEI CM12, CM120, and EM208) are available for routine use. Early in 2013 we will install a Zeiss Auriga FIB/SEM for microfabrication of phase plates and ion-abrasion tomography. For preparing cryo-EM specimens we have a Vitrobot and a Balzers freeze-fracture apparatus.

For 3D crystallization screens we use a Mosquito robot, and have access to the INSTRUCT Rigaku protein crystallization facility in the department of Molecular Membrane Biology. For X-ray data collection we are frequent users of the Max Planck beamline at the Swiss Light Source in Villigen (CH), and in future of the new Max Planck beamline at PETRA III. Both are amongst the best and brightest synchrotron sources in the world.


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