Publications 2018 - Theoretical Biophysics

A. H. Bahrami, T. R. Weikl, “Curvature-Mediated Assembly of Janus
Nanoparticles on Membrane Vesicles” Nano Lett., (2018).

P. Cossio, G. Hummer, A. Szabo, “Transition paths in single-molecule force spectroscopy” J. Chem. Phys. 148, 123309 (2018).

A. S. Ramírez, J. Boilevin, A. R. Mehdipour, G. Hummer, T. Darbre, J.-L. Reymond, K. P. Locher, “Structural basis of the molecular ruler mechanism of a bacterial glycosyltransferase” Nature Commun., 9:445. (2018).

E. Rossini, A.D. Bochevarov, E.W. Knapp “Empirical Conversion of pKa Values between Different Solvents and Interpretation of the Parameters:  Application to Water, Acetonitrile, Dimethyl Sulfoxide, and Methanol.”  ACSOmega 3, 1653−1662 (2018).


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