Members of the Department - Theoretical Biophysics

Project leader

Dr. Jürgen Köfinger
  • ■ Inferential structure determination
  • ■ Data integration
  • ■ SWAXS

Tandem Group Leader

Dr. Pilar Cossio Tejada
  • Research topics:
  • ■ Analysis of electron microscopy images
  • ■ Theory of atomic force spectroscopy experiments
  • ■ Peptide design

Postdocs - alphabetical order

Dr. Albert Ardèvol
Bahrami Amir
Dr. Amir Bahrami
Dr. Ramachandra Bhaskara
Dr. Jakob Bullerjahn
  • Dr. Jakob Bullerjahn
  • email: jakob.bullerjahn(at)

  • Research topics:
  • ■ Modelling and analysis of single-molecule localization microscopy experiments
  • ■ Theory of forcible bond ruptur
Dr. Roberto Covino
  • Dr. Roberto Covino
  • email: roberto.covino(at)

  • Research topics:
  • ■ Protein-membrane interactions, diffusive models, machine-learning and MD simulations
Dr. Ahmadreza Mehdipour
  • Dr. Ahmadreza Mehdipour
  • email: ahmadreza.mehdipour(at)

  • Research topics:
  • ■ Mechanism of transport in membrane channels and transporters
  • ■ Protein-lipid interaction, protein-ligand interaction
Katrin Reichel
  • Dr. Katrin Reichel
  • email: katrin.reichel(at)

  • Research topics:
  • De novo structure prediction of membrane proteins
  • ■ Inferential structure determination using NMR and DEER data
Dr. Emanuele Rossini
Dr. Johannes Schöneberg
Dr. Mateusz Sikora
Dr. Lukas Stelzl
Dr. Fereshte Taherian

Ph.D. Students - alphabetical order

Michael Gecht
Marcel Heinz
Alfredo Jost López
  • Alfredo Jost López
  • email: alfredo.jost(at)

  • Research topics:
  • ■ Re-parametrising and developing force fields and models for protein-protein interactions
Max Linke
  • Max Linke
  • email: max.linke(at)

  • Research topics:
  • ■ Novel approaches to study diffusion in molecular systems
  • ■ Simulations of protein-protein interactions using coarse-grained models
Marc Siggel
Sören von Bülow



Martin Vögele
  • Martin Vögele
  • email: martin.voegele(at)

  • Research topics:
  • ■ Self-assembly in biomimetic membrane systems
  • ■ Finite-size effects on anisotropic and confined diffusion
Judith Warnau

Master Students - alphabetical order

Stephanie Linker
Patrick Quoika
  • Patrick Quoika
  • email: patrick.quoika(at)

  • Research topics:
  • ■ Coarse-grained simulations of dense protein solutions
  • ■ SAXS profiles of dense protein solutions
Laura Schulz


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