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Lörinczi, É.; Verhoefen, M.-K.; Wachtveitl, J.; Woerner, A. C.; Glaubitz, C.; Engelhard, M.; Bamberg, E.; Friedrich, T.: Voltage- and pH-Dependent Changes in Vectoriality of Photocurrents Mediated by Wild-type and Mutant Proteorhodopsins upon Expression in Xenopus Oocytes. Journal of Molecular Biology 393 (2), pp. 320 - 341 (2009)
Journal Article
Kalmbach, R.; Chizhov, I.; Schuhmacher, M. C.; Friedrich, T.; Bamberg, E.; Engelhard, M.: Functional Cell-free Synthesis of a Seven Helix Membrane Protein: In situ Insertion of Bacteriorhodopsin into Liposomes. Journal of Molecular Biology 371, pp. 639 - 648 (2007)
Journal Article
Huber, R.; Köhler, T.; Lenz, M. O.; Bamberg, E.; Kalmbach, R.; Engelhard, M.; Wachtveitl, J.: pH-Dependent Photoisomerization of Retinal in Proteorhodopsin. Biochemistry 44, pp. 1800 - 1806 (2005)
Journal Article
Friedrich, T.; Geibel, S.; Kalmbach, R.; Chizhov, I.; Ataka, K.; Heberle, J.; Engelhard, M.; Bamberg, E.: Proteorhodopsin is a light-driven proton pump with variable vectoriality. Journal of Molecular Biology (London) 321 (5), p. 821 - 821 (2002)
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