Publikationen von Peter J. Walla

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Liao, P.-N.; Holleboom, C.-P.; Wilk, L.; Kühlbrandt, W.; Walla, P. J.: Correlation of Car S1 → Chl with Chl → Car S1 Energy Transfer Supports the Excitonic Model in Quenched Light Harvesting Complex II. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114 (47), S. 15650 - 15655 (2010)
Liao, P.-N.; Bode, S.; Wilk, L.; Hafi, N.; Walla, P. J.: Correlation of electronic carotenoid-chlorophyll interactions and fluorescence quenching with the aggregation of native LHC II and chlorophyll deficient mutants. Chemical Physics 373 (1-2), S. 50 - 55 (2010)
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