Departments and Research Groups

Driven by curiosity, we investigate the structure, dynamics and function of cellular systems at the molecular scale by using biophysical, biochemical and computational methods.

Ernst Bamberg – The Functional Analysis of Electrogenic Membrane Proteins
We focus on the molecular mechanism of rhodopsin-like ion pumps and channels, and on their optogenetic applications.
Martin Beck – Molecular Sociology
How do molecular modules act in concert to generate complex cellular functions? more
Ulrich Ermler – Enzyme Mechanism
We are focused on the enzyme structure-based analysis of challenging biochemical processes in anaerobic biomass degradation.
Gerhard Hummer – Theoretical Biophysics
Our goal is to develop detailed and quantitative descriptions of key biomolecular processes, including energy conversion, molecular transport, signal transduction, and enzymatic catalysis. more
Eugene Kim – Structure and Dynamics of Chromosomes
What are the universal principles that underlie chromosome organization across all forms of life? more
Werner Kühlbrandt – Structural Biology
How can we make the most of cryo-electron microscopy for determining the structure and function of membrane protein complexes? more
Melanie McDowell – Membrane Protein Biogenesis
What molecular mechanisms control the delivery and correct insertion of membrane proteins at the endoplasmic reticulum? more
Hartmut Michel – Molecular Membrane Biology
How to generate and use structural information to investigate function and mechanisms of membrane protein complexes?
Bonnie Murphy – Redox and Metalloproteins
Understanding mechanism through structure more
Beata Turoňová – Image Processing
Our software method development focuses on improving tomogram quality and integrating contextual information into subtomogram averaging routines. more
Sonja Welsch – Electron Microscopy
Our state-of-the-art equipment, and technical and scientific user support allow for novel insights into biological structures and molecular mechanisms. more
Florian Wilfling - Mechanisms of Cellular Quality Control
How is cargo selected and packed into autophagosomes? more
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