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Walter, A.; Steltenkamp, S.; Schmitz, S.; Holik, P.; Pakanavicius, E.; Sachser, R.; Huth, M.; Rhinow, D.; Kühlbrandt, W.: Towards an optimum design for electrostatic phase plates. Ultramicroscopy 153 (June), S. 22 - 31 (2015)
Gold, V. A. M.; Ieva, R.; Walter, A.; Pfanner, N.; van der Laan, M.; Kühlbrandt, W.: Visualizing active membrane protein complexes by electron cryotomography. Nature Communications 5, 4129 (2014)
Daum, B.; Walter, A.; Horst, A.; Osiewacz, H. D.; Kühlbrandt, W.: Age-dependent dissociation of ATP synthase dimers and loss of inner-membrane cristae in mitochondria. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110 (38), S. 15301 - 15306 (2013)
Walter, A.; Muzik, H.; Vieker, H.; Turchanin, A.; Beyer, A.; Gölzhäuser, A.; Lacher, M.; Steltenkamp, S.; Schmitz, S.; Holik, P. et al.; Kühlbrandt, W.; Rhinow, D.: Practical aspects of Boersch phase contrast electron microscopy of biological specimens. Ultramicroscopy 116, S. 62 - 72 (2012)
Barton, B.; Rhinow, D.; Walter, A.; Schröder, R. R.; Benner, G.; Majorovits, E.; Matijevic, M.; Niebel, H.; Müller, H.; Haider, M. et al.; Lacher, M.; Schmitz, S.; Holik, P.; Kühlbrandt, W.: In-focus electron microscopy of frozen-hydrated biological samples with a Boersch phase plate. Ultramicroscopy 111 (12), S. 1696 - 1705 (2011)

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Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Walter, A.: Development, implementation and practical aspects of phase plates in electron cryo-microscopy. Dissertation, Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main (2014)
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