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Kalavacherla, T.; Buschmann, S.; Schleker, E. S. M.; Michel, H.; Reinhart, C.: Purification and characterization of eukaryotic ATP-dependent transporters homologously expressed in Pichia pastoris for structural studies by cryo-electron microscopy. Protein Expression and Purification 204, 106230 (2023)
Schleker, E. S. M.; Buschmann, S.; Xie, H.; Welsch, S.; Michel, H.; Reinhart, C.: Structural and functional investigation of ABC transporter STE6-2p from Pichia pastoris reveals unexpected interaction with sterol molecules. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 126 (43), S. 8646 - 8654 (2022)
Grund, T. N.; Radloff, M.; Wu, D.; Goojani, H. G.; Witte, L. F.; Jösting, W.; Buschmann, S.; Müller, H.; Elamri, I.; Welsch, S. et al.; Schwalbe, H.; Michel, H.; Bald, D.; Safarian, S.: Mechanistic and structural diversity between cytochrome bd isoforms of Escherichia coli. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118 (50), e2114013118 (2021)
Kohlstädt, M.; Buschmann, S.; Langer, J. D.; Xie, H.; Michel, H.: Subunit CcoQ is involved in the assembly of the Cbb3-type cytochrome c oxidases from Pseudomonas stutzeri ZoBell but not required for their activity. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, Bioenergetics 1858 (3), S. 231 - 238 (2017)
Kohlstädt, M.; Buschmann, S.; Xie, H.; Resemann, A.; Warkentin, E.; Langer, J. D.; Michel, H.: Identification and characterization of the novel subunit CcoM in the cbb3-cytochrome c oxidase from Pseudomonas stutzeri ZoBell. mBio 7 (7), S. 1 - 9 (2016)
Buschmann, S.; Richers, S.; Ermler, U.; Michel, H.: A decade of crystallization drops: Crystallization of the cbb3 cytochrome c oxidase from Pseudomonas stutzeri. Protein Science 23 (4), S. 411 - 422 (2014)
Xie, H.; Buschmann, S.; Langer, J. D.; Ludwig, B.; Michel, H.: Biochemical and Biophysical Characterization of the Two Isoforms of cbb3-Type Cytochrome c Oxidase from Pseudomonas stutzeri. Journal of Bacteriology (Washington, DC) 196 (2), S. 472 - 482 (2014)
Buschmann, S.; Warkentin, E.; Xie, H.; Langer, J. D.; Ermler, U.; Michel, H.: The Structure of cbb3 Cytochrome Oxidase Provides Insights into Proton Pumping. Science 329 (5989), S. 327 - 330 (2010)

Buchkapitel (1)

Xie, H.; Muenke, C.; Sommer, M.; Buschmann, S.; Michel, H.: Production of Membrane Proteins in Pseudomonas stutzeri. In: Methods in Molecular Biology, Bd. 2507, S. 91 - 110 (Hg. Mus-Veteau , I.). Humana Press, New York, NY (2022)
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