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Berry, J.-L.; Cehovin, A.; McDowell, M. A.; Lea, S. M.; Pelicic, V.: Functional analysis of the interdependence between DNA uptake sequence and its cognate ComP receptor during natural transformation in Neisseria species. PLoS Genetics 9 (12), e1004014 (2013)
Cehovin, A.; Simpson, P. J.; McDowell, M. A.; Brown, D. R.; Noschese, R.; Pallett, M.; Brady, J.; Baldwin, G. S.; Lea, S. M.; Matthews, S. J. et al.; Pelicic, V.: Specific DNA recognition mediated by a type IV pilin. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110 (8), S. 3065 - 3070 (2013)
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