Technical Management

Head of Technical Management [more]

Technical Engineering and Prototyping, Operating Engineering and Facility Management, Lab Services and Guest House

The team members of the Technical Management, Engineering and Services group (intranet link) provide technical services to the scientific community in the institute, e.g.:

  • In-house metal construction and electronic, optical and precision engineering for scientific purposes
  • Operation of technical supplies like electricity, heating, air conditioning and cooling, water, compressed air and lab gases
  • Maintenance of the building including access control (keys and key cards)
  • Lab Services for standard bacterial, yeast and tissue culture media as well as specialized on-demand media, autoclaving and treatment of laboratory glassware
  • Management of construction projects
  • Operation of the Guest House
  • Maintenance and Scheduling of the Meeting Rooms, Event Management and Catering
  • Front Desk Management, Provisioning of Office Supplies, Mail Handling and Receipt of Goods
  • Car Pool

Need help or assistance in any of these domains? Please create a ticket,  check out the page links on the left, click here (intranet only) or contact us directly by email or phone – we are there for you!

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