Night of Science – Science for Everyone!

Night of Science – Science for Everyone!

Every year in June, we open our doors for an adventurous evening! Learn more about our research during exciting lectures and guided tours through our impressive electron microscope laboratory. Come and talk to our scientists and experience in a playful way how nitrogen becomes delicious ice cream, how enzymes cleave nutrients and how our DNA looks like.
Girls’ Day

Girls’ Day

The Girls’ Day gives schoolgirls an insight into professions in which, on average, only a few women work, in order to promote a stereotype-free career choice. At our Institute, participants can be scientists for a day and experiment in the lab themselves.
Guided Tours for Visitors

Guided Tours for Visitors

Whether class trip, excursion or company tour – guided tours through our laboratories inspire young and old and offer exciting insights into our research.
Visitor groups are always welcome, please contact us if you are interested!
Conferences, Talks and Scientific Events

Conferences, Talks and Scientific Events

At our Institute, we regularly offer talks by scientists from the Riedberg campus and from all over the world, natural scientists in facinating professions, and symposia on biophysics.
Night of Science on June 21

Nitrogen ice cream, DNA challenge, tours and lectures – and much more! more

Max Planck Art & Science Day: For Researchers and Everyone Interested in Art and Science

What is autophagy? How do our cells remove their waste? How can we combine art and science? How can research be represented artistically? Visit us, learn, explore and be creative on November 29! more

<em>Plateosaurus</em> Max – An Artwork for Science

Julia Krause-Harder from Atelier Goldstein crafts a dinosaur sculpture from materials from the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics exhibited in its Café Max more

Oswalt Foundation for the Promotion of Biophysical Research and its Applications in Medicine Celebrates 100th Anniversary

On the occasion of the jubilee, the Foundation awarded the Frankfurt Biophysics Prize for the first time to Dr. Julia Mahamid and Prof. Dr. Sabine Petry more

Past Events

Symposium on Cellular Biophysics September 2023
On the occasion of the annual program start for new PhD students, the IMPRS on Cellular Biophysics organizes a versatile symposium on research topics from the field of cellular biophysics. Check out the program and join us to get to know the Faculty, and learn about the different research projects within the IMPRS on Cellular Biophysics. more
Night of Science on June 16
Experience exciting lectures and guided tours! See how ice cream is made from nitrogen, and take part in our DNA challenge or split enzymes yourself! Dive into our augmented reality cell! more
Girls’ Day on April 27, 2023

Girls’ Day on April 27, 2023

We had a fantastic Girls' Day with 20 curious and motivated girls!
They learned how to explore the smallest building blocks in our bodies.
Have you ever extracted and studied the DNA of tomatoes? The girls did!
The participants shared their expectations of the Girl Rising event.
Max Planck Institutes jointly host a film viewing and discussion night featuring “Girl Rising”, a documentary that aims to change the way the world values girls and their education.
On the occasion of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the gender equality officers and their colleagues of the Max Planck Institutes for Brain Research and of Biophysics organized an emotion-packed night featuring Girl Rising, a documentary that tells the stories of nine girls, striving beyond circumstance and overcoming nearly insurmountable odds to achieve their dreams. more
Virtual "Night of Science"
Recordings of many interesting Night of Science lectures from previous years are available online.



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