Department of Molecular Sociology

Department of Molecular Sociology

Dr. Martin Beck, Director

Research in this group combines biochemical approaches, proteomics and cryo-electron microscopy to study large macromolecular assemblies.


Research Interests

Functional cellular modules have often been characterised in vitro. However, relatively little is known about their interplay and spatio-temporal arrangement in the context of living cells, i.e. their 'molecular sociology'. We use integrative, in situ structural biology techniques to study the structure, function and assembly of very large macromolecular complexes in their native environment. We rely on a diverse methodological repertoire, including cryo-EM, structural proteomics, biochemistry, imaging, animal model systems and computational modeling (Robinson et al, Nature 2007; Beck and Baumeister, TiCB 2016).  



Selected Publications (Google Scholar Link)

Allegretti M., Zimmerli C. E., Rantos V., Wilfling F., Ronchi P., Fung H.K.H., Lee CW., Hagen W., Turonova B., Karius K., Börmel M., Zhang X., Müller C.W., Schwab Y., Mahamid J., Pfander B., Kosinski J., Beck M. 
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