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Gerhard Hummer: “Concepts of Probability in the Sciences” at the ESI

Inferring statistical ensembles from experiment and simulation

Harmut Michel on Global Ideas

Global Ideas asked a group of Nobel prize winners to share their views on energy and climate issues. The result? Nobel Ideas.

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later: From Molecular Simulations to Protein Function – ICTP Colloquium

To understand how proteins function, we study their dynamics with molecular simulations that cover a wide range of temporal and spatial scales.

Hartmut Michel interviewed by DeutscheWelle

Prof. Hartmut Michel is Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1988. He talks to us about his research on photosynthesis and the question of why nature is so superior to human ingenuity.

Hartmut Michel, interviewed in 2008

Biofuels such as ethanol, biodiesel and biogas are no solution for the energy problems of the world at all, says Hartmut Michel. Their energy efficiency is far too low, therefore they are absolutely not worth the effort. Instead he favours other renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind power. Michel received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1988 together with Johann Deisenhofer and Robert Huber for the determination of the three-dimensional structure of a photosynthetic reaction centre.

AS Distinguished Lecture: Energy Transduction in Biomolecular Machines

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