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A virtual tour of the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics with an insight into the work and research at the institute. [more]
Curious how the cell removes its junk? Want to study the autophagy of macromolecular machines? Join the Wilfling Group! [more]
Want to unravel the molecular mechanisms of cellular degradation pathways and understand how their disruption causes disease? Join the Đikić Group! [more]
Want to explore how molecular modules act in concert to generate complex cellular functions? Join the Beck Group! [more]
Fascinated by the birth of membrane proteins? Want to learn more on their delivery to and correct insertion into the membrane? Join the McDowell Group! [more]
Interested in studying the role of redox and metalloproteins in bioenergetics, signalling, and cell defense using cryo-electron microscopy? Join the Murphy Group! [more]
To understand how proteins function, we study their dynamics with molecular simulations that cover a wide range of temporal and spatial scales. [more]
The energy efficiency of biofuels are far too low, therefore they are absolutely not worth the effort. Instead Hartmut Michel favours other renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind power. [more]
How does the molecular machine that drives energy conversion in the cell membrane work? [more]
Inferring statistical ensembles from experiment and simulation by Gerhard Hummer. [more]
Prof. Hartmut Michel explains his research on photosynthesis and the question of why nature is so superior to human ingenuity. [more]
Prof Gerhard Hummer explains how dynamics in complexes transduct energy and what drives them to do so. [more]
Global Ideas asked a group of Nobel Laureates to share their views on energy and climate issues. The result? Nobel Ideas. [more]
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