Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

The members of the Scientific Advisory Board are high-level experts from relevant disciplines.

The scientific work of the Institute is evaluated every three years by an international panel of independent experts, forming the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

Professor Liz Carpenter,
University of Oxford, Structural Genomics Consortium, Oxford,
United Kingdom

Professor Bridget Carragher,
Simons Electron Microscopy Center,
New York, NY, USA

Professor Angus Lamond,
University of Dundee, School of Life Science,
Dundee, United Kingdom

Professor Mark S.P. Sansom,
University of Oxford, Department of Biochemistry, Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Biochemistry Unit,
Oxford, United Kingdom

Professor Henning Stahlberg,
University of Basel, Biocenter, Center for Cellular Imaging and NanoAnalytics,
Basel, Switzerland (Chair)

Professor Elizabeth Villa,
University of California, San Diego, Department Chemistry and Biochemistry,
La Jolla, CA, USA

Professor Rebecca Wade,
Universität Heidelberg, Zentrum für Molekulare Biologie,
Heidelberg, Germany

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