Public Relations

Public Relations

Information for visitors

The public relations office is the institute's central point of contact for all questions regarding the institute and its scientific work.

 If you are looking for answers to specific questions, seeking general information, or searching for contact details of scientific experts, please let us know – we are here to help.

Another task is the organisation of tours around the institute and its laboratories for various visitor groups.

Every year the institute participates in the Night of Science of the Goethe university on Riedberg campus, regularly in June. There is also a  Girls' Day 2021 every year for girls from twelve years and school class 7.

The public relations office also regularly publishes press releases detailing the research at the institute as well as other news and activities.

For Girls' Day 2021:
Unfortunately, the Girls' Day 2021 cannot take place.
It is hoped that it can take place again at the institute on 28 April 2022.

For Night of Science 2021:

We will be there with videos with our researchers.

In summer 2020, we recorded a video about the virtual Night of Science 2020, which informs about our research:


From the Max Planck Society

The student-teacher portal "Max-Wissen"
Films, animations, video clips, podcasts and above all the Max issues (as pdf) offer current, informative and exciting information for the classroom - free of charge and also for all science-loving citizens!
The research topics are suitable for the subjects of biology, chemistry, geography and physics. Soon also in English language.


"Max Planck Cinema"
Current projects from basic research for pupils.
Film clips provide insights into laboratory work and interviews with scientists.

"Wissen Was"
Scientific facts on current, often controversial topics. They will be introduced and explained by Mirko Drotschmann and Cedric Engels, who, as "MrWissen2go" and "Doktor Whatson", are among the best-known knowledge-YouTubers in the German-speaking world.


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