Publications of Eckhard Bill

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Huang, G.; Wagner, T.; Wodrich, M. D.; Ataka, K.; Bill, E.; Ermler, U.; Hu, X.; Shima, S.: The atomic-resolution crystal structure of activated [Fe]-hydrogenase. Nature Catalysis 2 (6), pp. 537 - 543 (2019)
Journal Article
Rather, L. J.; Weinert, T.; Demmer, U.; Bill, E.; Ismail, W.; Fuchs, G.; Ermler, U.: Structure and Mechanism of the Diiron Benzoyl-Coenzyme A Epoxidase BoxB. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (33), pp. 29241 - 29248 (2011)
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