Publications of Emanuele Rossini

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Klaus, M.; Rossini, E.; Linden, A.; Paithankar, K. S.; Zeug, M.; Ignatova, Z.; Urlaub, H.; Khosla, C.; Köfinger, J.; Hummer, G. et al.; Grininger, M.: Solution Structure and Conformational Flexibility of a Polyketide Synthase Module. JACS Au 1 (12), pp. 2162 - 2171 (2021)
Journal Article
Rossini, E.; Gajewski, J.; Klaus, M.; Hummer, G.; Grininger, M.: Analysis and engineering of substrate shuttling by the acyl carrier protein (ACP) in fatty acid synthases (FASs). Chemical Communications 54 (82), pp. 11606 - 11609 (2018)
Journal Article
Rossini, E.; Bochevarov, A. D.; Knapp, E. W.: Empirical Conversion of pKa Values between Different Solvents and Interpretation of the Parameters: Application to Water, Acetonitrile, Dimethyl Sulfoxide, and Methanol. ACS Omega 3 (2), pp. 1653 - 1662 (2018)
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