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Conference Paper (7)

Conference Paper
Reinhardt, R.; Janko, K.; Bamberg, E.: Single Channel Conductance Changes of the Desethanolamine-Gramicidin Through pH Variations. In: Electrical Double Layers Biology, pp. 91 - 102 (Ed. Blank, M.). Electrochemical Society Symposium on Electrical Double Layers in Biology, Toronto, Canada, May 14, 1986 - May 15, 1986. Plenum Press, New York, USA (1986)

Conference Report (1)

Conference Report
Fendler, K.; Froehlich, J.; Jaruschewski, S.; Hobbs, A.; Albers, W.; Bamberg, E.; Grell, E.: Correlation of Charge Translocation with the Reaction Cycle of the NaK-ATPase. In: The Sodium Pump: Recent Developments, Vol. 46 Part 2, pp. 525 - 530 (Eds. Kaplan, J. H.; De Weer, P.). 6th International Conference on the Sodium Pump, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA, September 05, 1990 - September 09, 1990. The Rockefeller University Press, New York (1991)

Poster (1)

Geys, S.; Zifarelli, G.; Bamberg, E.; Friedrich, T.: The Influence of Intracellular Na+ on the E1P–E2P Conformational Change of the Na,K-ATPase Probed by Voltage-clamp Fluorometry. 59th Annual Meeting of the Society of General Physiologists, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole Massachusetts (2005)

Editorial (1)

Bamberg, E.; Gärtner, W.; Trauner, D.: Introduction: Optogenetics and Photopharmacology. Chemical Reviews 118 (21), pp. 10627 - 10628 (2018)
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