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Hulleman, C. N.; Thorsen, R. Ø.; Kim, E.; Dekker, C.; Stallinga, S.; Rieger, B.: Simultaneous orientation and 3D localization microscopy with a Vortex point spread function. Nature Communications 12 (1), 5934 (2021)
Journal Article
Ryu, J.-K.; Bouchoux, C.; Liu, H. W.; Kim, E.; Minamino, M.; de Groot, R.; Katan, A. J.; Bonato, A.; Marenduzzo, D.; Michieletto, D. et al.; Uhlmann, F.; Dekker, C.: Bridging-induced phase separation induced by cohesin SMC protein complexes. Science Advances 7 (7), eabe5905 (2021)
Journal Article
Kim, E.; Kerssemakers, J.; Shaltiel, I. A.; Haering, C. H.; Dekker, C.: DNA-loop extruding condensin complexes can traverse one another. Nature 579 (7799), pp. 438 - 442 (2020)
Journal Article
Elbatsh, A. M. O.; Kim, E.; Eeftens, J. M.; Raaijmakers, J. A.; van der Weide, R. H.; García-Nieto, A.; Bravo, S.; Ganji, M.; Uit de Bos, J.; Teunissen, H. et al.; Medema, R. H.; de Wit, E.; Haering, C. H.; Dekker, C.; Rowland, B. D.: Distinct Roles for Condensin's Two ATPase Sites in Chromosome Condensation. Molecular Cell 76 (5), pp. 724 - 737 (2019)
Journal Article
Kim, S. H.; Ganji, M.; Kim, E.; Kim, E.; van der Torre, J.; Abbondanzieri, E.; Dekker, C.: DNA sequence encodes the position of DNA supercoils. eLife 7, e36557 (2018)
Journal Article
Ganji, M.; Shaltiel, I. A.; Bisht, S.; Kim, E.; Kalichava, A.; Haering, C. H.; Dekker, C.: Real-time imaging of DNA loop extrusion by condensin. Science 360 (6384), pp. 102 - 105 (2018)
Journal Article
Kim, E.; Baaske, M. D.; Schuldes, I.; Wilsch, P. S.; Vollmer, F.: Label-free optical detection of single enzyme-reactant reactions and associated conformational changes. Science Advances 3 (3), e1603044 (2017)
Journal Article
Kim, E.; Baaske, M. D.; Vollmer, F.: Towards next-generation label-free biosensors: recent advances in whispering gallery mode sensors. Lab on a Chip 17 (7), pp. 1190 - 1205 (2017)
Journal Article
Kim, E.; Baaske, M. D.; Vollmer, F.: In Situ Observation of Single-Molecule Surface Reactions from Low to High Affinities. Advanced Materials 28 (45), pp. 9941 - 9948 (2016)
Journal Article
Kim, E.; Foreman, M. R.; Baaske, M. D.; Vollmer, F.: Thermal characterisation of (bio)polymers with a temperature-stabilised whispering gallery mode microsensor. Applied Physics Letters 106 (16), 161101 (2015)
Journal Article
Kim, E.; Steinbrück, A.; Buscaglia, M. T.; Buscaglia, V.; Pertsch, T.; Grange, R.: Second-harmonic generation of single BaTiO3 nanoparticles down to 22 nm diameter. ACS Nano 7 (6), pp. 5343 - 5349 (2013)
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