Publications of Vasundara Srinivasan

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Srinivasan, V.; Netz, D. J. A.; Webert, H.; Mascarenhas, J.; Plerik, A. J.; Michel, H.; Lill, R.: Structure of the Yeast WD40 Domain Protein Cia1, a Component Acting Late in Iron-Sulfur Protein Biogenesis. Structure 15 (10), pp. 1246 - 1257 (2007)
Journal Article
Srinivasan, V.; Rajendran, C.; Sousa, F. L.; Melo, A. M.P.; Saraiva, L. M.; Pereira, M. M.; Santana, M.; Teixeira, M.; Michel, H.: Structure at 1.3 Å Resolution of Rhodothermus marinus caa3 Cytochrome c Domain. Journal of Molecular Biology (London) 345 (5), pp. 1047 - 1057 (2005)
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