Current Projects

1. Insect Hotels

Our Institute is privileged to have vast green areas around its terrace. After the success of the insect-friendly flower patches grown in 2019, we are suggesting to place the well known bee hotels to further support the populations of pollinators in the Riedberg area.  

2. LEAF certificate

The Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) offers a Green Lab Certification targeting environmental aspects such as waste and chemical managements, as well as business travel and research quality. It can provide a benchmark to survey the current state of our Institute and set guidelines to improve problematic areas. We are currently working on a proposal to sign the MPI of Biophysics to this program and to eventually obtain its internationally recognized certification.

The Framework consists of actions relating to waste, travel, energy, water, procurement, and research quality. Each action is supported by a rationale as well as evidenced guidance to help implement it.

Previous Projects

Shau Chung Shin/Max Planck Institute of Biophysics

Flower Patches

Wesley Tingey/Unsplash

Double sided prints

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