How you can help

You are not a member of the sustainability group but you still want to do your part for the environment?

1. Join our mailing list

Ask the central IT to include you in the list of the Max Planck Sustainability Networks news:

2. What you can do in the office and in the lab

In the office:

  • Make sure to separate waste as possible.
  • Close your blinds in summer to keep the heat down.

In the lab:

  • Make sure all fume hoods are closed when not in use.
  • Make sure to turn off any apparatus that is not in use.
  • Defrost your freezers often and dispose of unnecessary samples.
  • Keep your -20°C freezers at the right temperature.
  • Replace single use plastics with glass when possible.

3. Get inspired!

Want to include something? Feel free to let us know:

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