HMWK Cluster Project EnABLE

Unraveling Mechanisms Driving Cellular Homeostasis, Inflammation and Infection to EnABLE New Approaches in Translational Medicine

The Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Sience and the Arts (HMWK) uses the 'Cluster Projects' funding scheme to strengthen research areas that are particularly important for the profile of Hessen's universities and the local research landscape.

ENABLE aims to decipher selected cellular mechanisms and signaling pathways that influence disease. Novel technologies and molecular biology tools will be used to answer the multi-faceted research questions.

The collaboration is built on existing strong research networks and technology platforms at Goethe University Frankfurt, the MPI of Biophysics, the Georg-Speyer-Haus, the FIAS and the Fraunhofer ITMP.

EnABLE Key Data

Coordinating Institution: Goethe University Frankfurt

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Ivan Đikić and Prof. Dr. Maike Windsbergs

Funding Period: 2021–2024

Link to EnABLE Website

Projects Conducted at the MPI of Biophysics


Project in the Area A - Cellular Homeostasis

Investigator: Martin Beck
Term: 2021–2024

The Beck group will use integrative in situ structural biology techniques to understand the mechanisms of nuclear envelope and nuclear pore complex quality control.


Project in the Areas A-C - Cellular Homeostasis, Infection and Inflammation

Investigator: Gerhard Hummer
Term: 2021–2024

The Hummer group uses molecular dynamics simulations to deepen the understanding of molecular events in cell homeostasis and infection and to turn this mechanistic understanding into quantitative and predictive models that lay the foundation for therapeutic strategies.
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