BMBF GO-Bio Glycodynamix

Rational engineering of proteins for novel vaccines and active ingredients
Term: 2023–2024
Investigator: Florian Blanc

The GO-Bio initial programme by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research promotes the identification and development of early life science research approaches with recognizable innovation potential. As part of the project implementation, the research results should reach a level of maturity that enables them to be continued in other established programs for validation, start-up and company cooperation funding, such as VIP+, EXIST research transfer, KMU-innovativ or GO-Bio next. The overarching goal is the seamless transfer of promising ideas into application.

Glycodynamix, the initative led by Florian Blanc, is funded in frame of the GO-Bio initial programme. It focuses on interactions between proteins. The project aims to develop powerful computer-aided tools for the rational design of modified proteins. These tools can be utilized for the systematic development of vaccine constructs, which can then be validated and refined. This approach allows for the creation of vaccines that can protect against a wide range of coronaviruses or other viruses such as HIV and Zika. Additionally, this technology can be applied to cancer immunotherapy, as well as the treatment of autoimmune diseases and allergies.

In the initial exploratory phase of GO-Bio, a market and intellectual property analysis will be conducted, and a validation strategy will be developed. more

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