Publications of Daniel Rhinow

Journal Article (29)

Journal Article
Riedel, R.; Frese, N.; Yang, F.; Wortmann, M.; Dalpke, R.; Rhinow, D.; Hampp, N.; Gölzhäuser, A.: Fusion of purple membranes triggered by immobilization on carbon nanomembranes. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 12, pp. 93 - 101 (2021)
Journal Article
Scherr, J.; Tang, Z.; Küllmer, M.; Balser, S.; Scholz, A. S.; Winter, A.; Parey, K.; Rittner, A.; Grininger, M.; Zickermann, V. et al.; Rhinow, D.; Terfort, A.; Turchanin, A.: Smart Molecular Nanosheets for Advanced Preparation of Biological Samples in Electron Cryo-Microscopy. ACS Nano 14 (8), pp. 9972 - 9978 (2020)
Journal Article
Rhinow, D.; Hampp, N.: Electron beam-induced electrostatic charging causes spectral changes of an insulating electrochromic material. Applied Physics Letters 117 (8), 083701 (2020)
Journal Article
Dasbach, M.; Pyschik, M.; Lehmann, V.; Parey, K.; Rhinow, D.; Reinhardt, H. M.; Hampp, N. A.: Assembling Carbon Nanotube Architectures. ACS Nano 14 (7), pp. 8181 - 8190 (2020)
Journal Article
Scherr, J.; Neuhaus, A.; Parey, K.; Klusch, N.; Murphy, B. J.; Zickermann, V.; Kühlbrandt, W.; Terfort, A.; Rhinow, D.: Noncovalent Functionalization of Carbon Substrates with Hydrogels Improves Structural Analysis of Vitrified Proteins by Electron Cryo-Microscopy. ACS Nano 13 (6), pp. 7185 - 7190 (2019)
Journal Article
Reich, S.; Kaiser, P.; Mafi, M.; Schmalz, H.; Rhinow, D.; Freitag, R.; Greiner, A.: High-Temperature Spray-Dried Polymer/Bacteria Microparticles for Electrospinning of Composite Nonwovens. Macromolecular Bioscience 19 (3), 1800356 (2019)
Journal Article
Frese, N.; Scherr, J.; Beyer, A.; Terfort, A.; Gölzhäuser, A.; Hampp, N.; Rhinow, D.: Multicomponent patterned ultrathin carbon nanomembranes by laser ablation. Applied Surface Science 427 (A), pp. 126 - 130 (2018)
Journal Article
Nürnberger, P.; Reinhardt, H. M.; Rhinow, D.; Riedel , R.; Werner, S.; Hampp, N. A.: Controlled growth of periodically aligned copper-silicide nanocrystal arrays on silicon directed by laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS). Applied Surface Science 420, pp. 70 - 76 (2017)
Journal Article
Scherr, J.; Parey, K.; Klusch, N.; Murphy, B. J.; Balser, S.; Neuhaus, A.; Zickermann, V.; Kühlbrandt, W.; Terfort, A.; Rhinow, D.: Self-Perforated Hydrogel Nanomembranes Facilitate Structural Analysis of Proteins by Electron Cryo-Microscopy. ACS Nano 11 (6), pp. 6467 - 6473 (2017)
Journal Article
Wilkes, M.; Madej, G. M.; Kreuter, L.; Rhinow, D.; Heinz, V.; De Sanctis, S.; Ruppel, S.; Richter, R. M.; Joos, F.; Grieben, M. et al.; Pike, A. C. W.; Huiskonen, J. T.; Carpenter, E. P.; Kühlbrandt, W.; Witzgall, R.: Molecular insights into lipid-assisted Ca2+ regulation of the TRP channel Polycystin-2. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 24 (2), pp. 123 - 130 (2017)
Journal Article
Rhinow, D.: Towards an optimum design for thin film phase plates. Ultramicroscopy 160, pp. 1 - 6 (2016)
Journal Article
Walter, A.; Steltenkamp, S.; Schmitz, S.; Holik, P.; Pakanavicius, E.; Sachser, R.; Huth, M.; Rhinow, D.; Kühlbrandt, W.: Towards an optimum design for electrostatic phase plates. Ultramicroscopy 153 (June), pp. 22 - 31 (2015)
Journal Article
Fischer, M.; Rhinow, D.; Zhu, Z.; Mills, D. J.; Zhao, Z. K.; Vonck, J.; Grininger, M.: Cryo-EM structure of fatty acid synthase (FAS) from Rhodosporidium toruloides provides insights into the evolutionary development of fungal FAS. Protein Science 24 (6), pp. 987 - 995 (2015)
Journal Article
Kraushaar, T.; Brückner, S.; Veelders, M.; Rhinow, D.; Schreiner, F.; Birke, R.; Pagenstecher, A.; Mösch, H.-U.; Essen, L.-O.: Interactions by the Fungal Flo11 Adhesin Depend on a Fibronectin Type III-like Adhesin Domain Girdled by Aromatic Bands. Structure 23 (6), pp. 1005 - 1017 (2015)
Journal Article
Busch, A. P.; Rhinow, D.; Yang, F.; Reinhardt, H.; Beyer, A.; Gölzhäuser, A.; Hampp, N.: Site-selective biomineralization of native biological membranes. Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2, pp. 6924 - 6930 (2014)
Journal Article
Imhof, M.; Rhinow, D.; Hampp, N.: Two-photon polarization data storage in bacteriorhodopsin films and its potential use in security applications. Applied Physics Letters 104, 081921 (2014)
Journal Article
Köster, S.; van Pee, K.; Hudel, M.; Leustik, M.; Rhinow, D.; Kühlbrandt, W.; Chakraborty, T.: Crystal structure of listeriolysin O reveals molecular details of oligomerization and pore formation. Nature Communications 5, 3690 (2014)
Journal Article
Imhof, M.; Rhinow, D.; Linne, U.; Hampp, N.: Two-Photon-Induced Selective Decarboxylation of Aspartic Acids D85 and D212 in Bacteriorhodopsin. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 3 (20), pp. 2991 - 2994 (2012)
Journal Article
Imhof, M.; Pudewills, J.; Rhinow, D.; Chizhik, I.; Hampp, N.: Stability of Purple Membranes from Halobacterium salinarum toward Surfactants: Inkjet Printing of a Retinal Protein. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (32), pp. 9727 - 9731 (2012)
Journal Article
Rhinow, D.; Imhof, M.; Chizhik, I.; Baumann, R.-P.; Hampp, N.: Structural Changes in Bacteriorhodopsin Caused by Two-Photon-Induced Photobleaching. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (25), pp. 7455 - 7462 (2012)
Journal Article
Walter, A.; Muzik, H.; Vieker, H.; Turchanin, A.; Beyer, A.; Gölzhäuser, A.; Lacher, M.; Steltenkamp, S.; Schmitz, S.; Holik, P. et al.; Kühlbrandt, W.; Rhinow, D.: Practical aspects of Boersch phase contrast electron microscopy of biological specimens. Ultramicroscopy 116, pp. 62 - 72 (2012)
Journal Article
Kämpken, B.; Wulf, V.; Auner, N.; Winhold, M.; Huth, M.; Rhinow, D.; Terfort, A.: Directed deposition of silicon nanowires using neopentasilane as precursor and gold as catalyst. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 3, pp. 535 - 545 (2012)
Journal Article
Rhinow, D.; Weber, N.-E.; Turchanin, A.: Atmospheric Pressure, Temperature-Induced Conversion of Organic Monolayers into Nanocrystalline Graphene. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (22), pp. 12295 - 12303 (2012)
Journal Article
Barton, B.; Rhinow, D.; Walter, A.; Schröder, R. R.; Benner, G.; Majorovits, E.; Matijevic, M.; Niebel, H.; Müller, H.; Haider, M. et al.; Lacher, M.; Schmitz, S.; Holik, P.; Kühlbrandt, W.: In-focus electron microscopy of frozen-hydrated biological samples with a Boersch phase plate. Ultramicroscopy 111 (12), pp. 1696 - 1705 (2011)
Journal Article
Rhinow, D.; Weber, N.-E.; Turchanin, A.; Gölzhäuser, A.; Kühlbrandt, W.: Single-walled carbon nanotubes and nanocrystalline graphene reduce beam-induced movements in high-resolution electron cryo-microscopy of ice-embedded biological samples. Applied Physics Letters 99 (3), 133701 (2011)
Journal Article
Rhinow, D.; Büenfeld, M.; Weber, N.-E.; Beyer, A.; Gölzhäuser, A.; Kühlbrandt, W.; Hampp, N.; Turchanin, A.: Energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy of biological samples on highly transparent carbon nanomembranes. Ultramicroscopy 111 (5), pp. 342 - 349 (2011)
Journal Article
Rhinow, D.; Chizhik, I.; Baumann, R.-P.; Noll, F.; Hampp, N.: Crystallinity of Purple Membranes Comprising the Chloride-Pumping Bacteriorhodopsin Variant D85T and Its Modulation by pH and Salinity. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114 (46), pp. 15424 - 15428 (2010)
Journal Article
Schranz, M.; Baumann, R.-P.; Rhinow, D.; Hampp, N.: Dynamics of Bacteriorhodopsin in Solid-Supported Purple Membranes Studied with Tapping-Mode Atomic Force Microscopy. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114 (27), pp. 9047 - 9053 (2010)
Journal Article
Rhinow, D.; Kühlbrandt, W.: Electron cryo-microscopy of biological specimens on conductive titanium–silicon metal glass films. Ultramicroscopy 108 (7), pp. 698 - 705 (2008)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Rhinow, D.: Nanomembranes for biological transmission electron microscopy (chapter 6). In: Nanobiotechnology in Energy, Environment and Electronics: Methods and Applications, pp. 137 - 153 (Ed. Nicolini, C.). CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida (2015)

Thesis - Habilitation (1)

Thesis - Habilitation
Rhinow, D.: Biological and Artificial Membranes - Structural Analysis and Nanotechnological Applications. Habilitation, Philipps-Universität, Marburg (2014)

Thesis - Diploma (1)

Thesis - Diploma
Rhinow, D.: Biologische cryo-Elektronenmikroskopie mit neuartigen TiSi-Trägerfolien und strukturelle Untersuchungen an 2D-Kristallen des Na+H+ Antiporters aus Methanococcus Jannaschii. Diploma, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main (2004)
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