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Journal Article
Bayerdörffer, E.; Eckhardt, L.; Haase, W.; Schulz, I.: Electrogenic calcium transport in plasma membrane of rat pancreatic acinar cells. Journal of Membrane Biology 84 (1), pp. 45 - 60 (1985)
Journal Article
Streb, H.; Bayerdörffer, E.; Haase, W.; Irvine, R. F.; Schulz, I.: Effect of inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate on isolated subcellular fractions of rat pancreas. Journal of Membrane Biology, pp. 241 - 253 (1984)
Journal Article
Koepsell, H.; Korn, K.; Ferguson, D.; Menhur, H.; Ollig, D.; Haase, W.: Reconstitution and partial purification of several Na+ cotransport systems from renal brush-border membranes. Properties of the L-glutamate transporter in proteoliposomes. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 259 (10), pp. 6548 - 6558 (1984)
Journal Article
Fritzsch, G.; Haase, W.; Rumrich, G.; Fasold, H.; Ullrich, K. J.: A stopped flow capillary perfusion method to evaluate contraluminal transport parameters of methylsuccinate from interstitium into renal proximal tubular cells. Pflügers Archiv: European Journal of Physiology 400, pp. 250 - 256 (1984)
Journal Article
Bayerdörffer, E.; Streb, H.; Eckhardt, L.; Haase, W.; Schulz, I.: Characterization of calcium uptake into rough endoplamic reticulum of rat pancreas. Journal of Membrane Biology 81 (1), pp. 69 - 82 (1984)
Journal Article
Wakasugi, H.; Kimura, T.; Haase, W.; Kribben, A.; Kaufmann, R.; Schulz, I.: Calcium uptake into acini from rat pancreas: evidence for intracellular ATP-dependent calcium sequestration. Journal of Membrane Biology 65 (3), pp. 205 - 220 (1982)
Journal Article
Schulz, I.; Kimura, T.; Wakasugi, H.; Haase, W.; Kribben, A.: Analysis of Ca2+ fluxes and Ca2+ pools in pancreatic acini. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series B: Biological Sciences 296 (1080), pp. 105 - 113 (1981)
Journal Article
Biber, J.; Stieger, B.; Haase, W.; Murer, H.: A high yield preparation for rat kidney brush border membranes. Different behaviour of lysosomal markers. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Biomembranes 647 (2), pp. 169 - 176 (1981)
Journal Article
Heeg, U.; Haase, W.; Brauer, D.; Falke, D.: Microtubules and microfilaments in HSV-Infected rabbit-kidney cells. Archives of Virology 70 (3), pp. 233 - 246 (1981)
Journal Article
Schulz, I.; Wakasugi, H.; Stolze, H. H.; Kribben, A.; Haase, W.: Analysis of Ca2+ fluxes and their relation to enzyme secretion in dispersed pancreatic acinar cells. Federation proceedings 40 (10), pp. 2503 - 2510 (1981)
Journal Article
Wakasugi, H.; Stolze, H. H.; Haase, W.; Schulz, I.: Effect of La3+ on secretagogue-induced Ca2+ fluxes in rat isolated pancreatic acinar cells. American Journal of Physiology-Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology 240 (4), pp. G281 - G289 (1981)
Journal Article
Eveloff, J.; Haase, W.; Kinne, R.: Separation of renal medullary cells: isolation of cells from the thick ascending limb of Henle's loop. The Journal of Cell Biology: JCB 87 (3), pp. 672 - 681 (1980)
Journal Article
Hildmann, B.; Storelli, C.; Haase, W.; Barac-Nieto, M.; Murer, H.: Sodium ion/L-lactate co-transport in rabbit small-intestinal brush-border-membrane vesicles. Biochemical Journal 186 (1), pp. 169 - 176 (1980)
Journal Article
Scalera, V.; Storelli, C.; Storelli-Joss, C.; Haase, W.; Murer, H.: A simple and fast method for the isolation of basolateral plasma membranes from rat small-intestinal epithelial cells. Biochemical Journal 186 (1), pp. 177 - 181 (1980)
Journal Article
Eveloff, J.; Bayerdörffer, E.; Haase, W.; Kinne, R.: Biochemical and physiological studies on cells isolated from the medullary thick ascending limb of Henle's loop. International Journal of Biochemistry 12 (1-2), pp. 55 - 59 (1980)
Journal Article
Haase, W.; Koepsell, H.: Substructure of membrane-bound Na+−K+-ATPase protein. Pflügers Archiv: European Journal of Physiology 381 (127), pp. 127 - 135 (1979)
Journal Article
Mann, K.; Giesel, G.; Fasold, H.; Haase, W.: Isolation of native microtubules from porcine brain and characterization of SH groups essential for polymerization at the GTP binding sites. FEBS Letters 92 (1), pp. 45 - 48 (1978)
Journal Article
Haase, W.; Schäfer, A.; Murer, H.; Kinne, R.: Studies on the orientation of brush-border membrane vesicles. Biochemical Journal 172 (1), pp. 57 - 62 (1978)
Journal Article
Evers, C.; Haase, W.; Murer, H.; Kinne, R.: Properties of brush border vesicles isolated from rat kidney cortex by calcium precipitation. Membrane biochemistry 1 (3-4), pp. 203 - 219 (1978)
Journal Article
Lücke, H.; Haase, W.; Murer, H.: Amino acid transport in brush-border-membrane vesicles isolated from human small intestine. Biochemical Journal 168 (3), pp. 529 - 532 (1977)
Journal Article
Milutinović, S.; Sachs, G.; Haase, W.; Schulz, I.: Studies on isolated subcellular components of cat pancreas. I. Isolation and enzymatic characterization. Journal of Membrane Biology 36 (2-3), pp. 253 - 279 (1977)
Journal Article
Zhao, C.; Haase, W.; Tampé, R.; Abele, R.: Peptide Specificity and Lipid Activation of the Lysosomal Transport Complex ABCB9 (TAPL).

Book Chapter (3)

Book Chapter
Vogel, V.; Langer, K.; Balthasar, S.; Schuck, P.; Mächtle, W.; Haase, W.; Van den Broek, J. A.; Tziatios, C.; Schubert, D.: Characterization of serum albumin nanoparticles by sedimentation velocity analysis and electron microscopy. In: Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science, Vol. 119, pp. 31 - 36. Springer-Verlag, Berlin (2002)
Book Chapter
Haase, W.; Weiß, H. M.; Reiländer, H.: Localization of the myc-Tagged 5HT5A Receptor by Immunogold Staining of Ultrathin Sections. In: Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 103, 16, pp. 241 - 247 (Eds. Higgins, D. R.; Cregg, J. M.). Humana Press, Totowa, New Jersey (1998)
Book Chapter
Weiß, H. M.; Haase, W.; Reiländer, H.: Expression of an Integral Membrane Protein, the 5HT5A Receptor. In: Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 103, 15, pp. 227 - 239 (Ed. Higgins, D. R.). Humana Press 1998, Totowa, New Jersey (1998)

Conference Paper (3)

Conference Paper
Tziatzios, C.; Durchschlag, H.; Sell, B.; van den Broek, J. A.; Mächtle, W.; Haase, W.; Lehn, J.-M.; Weidl, C.H.; Eschbaumer, C.; Schubert, D. et al.; Schubert, U.S.: Solution properties of supramolecular cobalt coordination arrays. 11th Symposium on Analytical Ultracentrifugation, University of Potsdam, Germany, March 25, 1999 - March 26, 1999. Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science 113, pp. 114 - 120 (1999)
Conference Paper
Behr, J.; Haase, W.; Maul, G.; Vasudevan; Reiländer, H.: Effect of N-glycosylation on production of the rat m3 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor in baculovirus-infected insect cells. Advances in Ultracentrifuge Analysis 666th Meeting , University of Sheffield, UK, 1998. Biochemical Society Transactions 26 (4), 4 Ed., pp. 704 - 709 (1998)
Conference Paper
Ruf, H.; Haase, W.; Wang, W.Q.; Grell, E.; Gärtner, P.; Michel, H.; Dufour, J.P.: Determination of size distributions of submicron particles by dynamic light scattering experiments taking into account normalization errors. Progress in Colloid & Polymer Science 93, pp. 159 - 166 (1993)

Conference Report (1)

Conference Report
Schmalzing, G.; Mädefessel, K.; Haase, W.; Geering, K.: Immunocytochemical Evidence for Protein Kinase C-Induced Internalization of Sodium Pumps in Xenopus laevis Oocytes. In: The Sodium Pump: Recent Developments, Vol. 46 Part 2, pp. 465 - 470 (Eds. Kaplan, J. H.; De Weer, P.). 6th International Conference on the Sodium Pump, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA, September 05, 1990 - September 09, 1990. The Rockefeller University Press, New York (1991)

Poster (1)

Gohy, J.-F.; Lohmeijer, B. G. G.; Descamps, B.; Leroy, E.; Boileau, S.; van den Broek, J. A.; Schubert, D.; Haase, W.; Schubert, U. S.: Synthesis and characterisation of metallo-supramolecular micelles. Polymer Chemistry for the Design of New Materials Conference, Ghent, Belgium (2003)
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