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Journal Article
Scherr, J.; Neuhaus, A.; Parey, K.; Klusch, N.; Murphy, B. J.; Zickermann, V.; Kühlbrandt, W.; Terfort, A.; Rhinow, D.: Noncovalent Functionalization of Carbon Substrates with Hydrogels Improves Structural Analysis of Vitrified Proteins by Electron Cryo-Microscopy. ACS Nano 13 (6), pp. 7185 - 7190 (2019)
Journal Article
Murphy, B. J.; Klusch, N.; Langer, J. D.; Mills, D.; Yildiz, Ö.; Kühlbrandt, W.: Rotary substates of mitochondrial ATP synthase reveal the basis of flexible F1-Fo coupling. Science 364 (6446), eaaw9128, p. 1155 (2019)
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