Health & Private Liability Insurance

In Germany, it is obligatory for everybody to be health insured, and there are basically two different paths to take on insurance: you either have a regular working contract with the MPI for Biophysics; in that case, you sign up with the insurance of your choice. In Germany, there are ca. 200 health insurance companies, which all charge the same rates (15.5 % of your income), and differ only in the benefits they offer. The International Office will help you with finding your way through the maze of German health insurances.


If you receive a fellowship, you can sign in with one of the insurances the MPI for Biophysics holds standing contracts with; they offer good conditions for scientists and their families.

In addition to the mandatory health insurance, the MPI for Biophysics urges all employees to subscribe to a liability insurance. As with health insurances, the institute has contracts with companies that provide low-cost insurance. Such liability insurance is highly recommended.


Useful Links:

The Federal Government – Health Insurance:

The Federal Government – Private liability insurance:


If you need a recommendation, please contact the International Office or the Personnel Derpartment.

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